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Published in May 2023

Digging for Victory

Set in Devon in 1941, Digging for Victory tells the story of twelve-year-old Bonnie Roberts who is desperate to play a valuable part in the war effort. For her, tending the family vegetable patch just doesn’t cut it; she wants to be a hero like her RAF pilot brother, Ralph.

But when the mysterious Mr Fisher is billeted at her farmhouse, and Ralph is reported missing in action, she starts to question what heroism actually involves. And as Bonnie attempts to find out who Mr Fisher really is, she embarks on a life-changing and emotional voyage of discovery.

Appealing to fans of Phil Earle and Emma Carroll, Digging for Victory is an emotional rollercoaster that brings verse fiction to a middle-grade audience.

Mr Fisher?

Mother asks, untying her apron.

He holds out his hand and gives a quick nod

but his face looks as frosty as the frozen fields behind him.

Come in, come in!


Mother shuts the door, hurriedly puts another log on the fire and the kettle on the stove.

But the cold has come in now.

And somehow, I think it’s here to stay.


Cover illustration : Harry Goldhawk

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